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Sissy and Blaze

Parent: Chad and Sabrina Gandy, Statesville, NC


In February of this year we adopted our siamese cat Sissy. She was a throw-away that some man was going to kill because he did not want her. A friend of ours rescued her but could not keep her so my husband and I took her in. She is the most beautiful cat you have ever seen. She has the bluest eyes and her markings are very unique. At first she was very skittish of us. I cannot say I blame her, but the very night we brought her home she slept with us and has been our best friend ever since. Most people say siamese cats have no personality, but Sissy is the most loving cat I know.

In August of this year, my mother found a small kitten under her trash can as she went to check the mail. This poor kitten was starving and dirty. My mom called me and I went to her house, we fed the kitten, and off to the vet it went. Blaze is that kitten's name and after she left the vet that day she has been a new fixture in our home. Sissy acts like her mother and they get along beautifully. They are such company to one another when my husband and I are at work. They are also such a joy to come home to. I just wish everyone would consider the animal's feelings before they just turn them out on their own. They depend on us for love, food, and shelter just like any child would. I know a human would never want to be turned out to the harsh world with no one to depend on.