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Parent: Wilma and Peter, were from Sandpoint Idaho, now Dixie WA


I was shopping and went to the Animal Thrift Shop. I walked in the store and there was a cage of cats, one gray tiger-striped cat caught my attention. I put my finger in the cage and the cat rubbed on it and purred like we were best friends. I did not adopt the cat then, I already had two cats. I went home and told my husband about the cat. We found out the cat had been in that cage for two months. Well my husband and I went back and got the cat and he is wonderful. One of the best cats we ever had. We named him Bob and he has been worth all the money we have spent on him. Of course we had him "fixed." I am glad someone sent him to the pound as we sure enjoy Bob. His ex-owner's don't know what they are missing. But their loss is our Joy.