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Miss Witch

Parent: Audrey & Dave formerly of Manchester, NH now Dixie, WA


We were moving in to our home in Derry, NH on October 30, 1986 and it was after dark when my husband heard this pitiful, loud MRREOW from across the street near the pond. It was out in the country and he was afraid that this cat had met up with some wild animal. He investigated, and found a young cat about a year old just sitting on the banking of the pond near the dam. She was totally black with caramel eyes, and when she saw him, she went right over to him and rubbed her body against his legs, purring and looking as if to say " OH -- HELLO !! I'm SO glad to see you!!" Well - we "adopted" her right then.We named her "Miss Witch" because of her color, eyes, and the fact that she came to us so near to All Hallows Eve. Her favorite trick was to lay in the bird feeder on the shed roof and "wait for lunch". There's lots more to the story, but that's how she came to us.