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Parent: Bethany and Chris Baranyk


Lucas was one of five babies born in Oct. 1998. My sister in law found them in her barn. We went out to "see and play" ONLY...we had one cat and one dog and that was enough....until we met Lucas. After about five visits, we knew we would have to bring him home...and we have not ever had any regrets about bringing home the second cat. Lucas is THE MOST RADICAL cat I have seen in my entire life. He loves to beat up on the other two animals, he is always being yelled at for drinking out of the fish bowls...and I think not really sure, he had one of the fish for lunch... when we leave the house and come back we find all kinds of things in the middle of the living room...clothes, toys, name it...we find it. It never happened before Lucas came to live with us...and he loves this one started out as a joke....he found a box and just kind of took it over...he sleeps in it. He hides in it and when the other cat or the dog comes to close, he charges out in his famous "attack" mode . There are times when we turn off the TV and watch Lucas....he is much more fun to watch.