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Parent: Susanna Smith, Naples Florida


i'm originally from orlando,fl. one night while walking back to my car (about 4blocks) from a night club; this little kitty crossed my path. i was just barely 1 block from the club, which is located oddly in a neighborhood. being a cat lover, i knelt down and petted the kitty and oohed and played w/ it for a second. then i began to walk to my car. the kitty followed me the whole way in a playful manner. as if to say hello there new friend. when i got to my car i told the kitty i'm sorry but we had to part there. the kitty just sat there and looked puzzled. you cat owners out there know cats CAN understand english. :) so i opened my car door and went to sit down when i noticed this kitty sitting in my passenger seat. i was kinda shocked at how quick this had happened. i put the kitty back out (thinking it could be long to someone) and got back in my car. but kitty was there again, in my passenger front seat. i took this as a sign. i took the kitty home and posted a newspaper ad that i had found him. no one called claiming him. i've since moved houses SEVERAL TIMES and Cat (that's his name, he likes it, it's easy) has always moved w/ me. i let him be an indoor/outdoor, well he made me. and he's never ventured off to live w/ anyone else. it's weirdo like that. i had two girl cats that had to get used to him. my eldest (the alfa cat) vegas doesn't really like cat. she only likes him when she's in a playful mood. other than that, don't cross her path. my other girl cat, jacob, well they love eachother and Cat is happy. the end