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Jamie Victoria

Parent: Linda Lang


I have always been cat-owned, so when my dear Chloe died, I began the long saga of finding the next kitty to share life with. I was looking for a girl, but when I laid eyes on the 6 w.o. tortoise-shelled kitten that saturday in June 2002 in raleigh, NC- I just fell in love. It was beyond my control- it was just meant to be, even though he was not the "she" I had thought I was looking for.

Well, lo and behold, my vet and I were both surprised the next week when during an exam, "he" (by then named James)turned out to be a "she" (thereafter named Jamie). For a life-long cat lover and caregiver, I am still chuckling at the mistake, and ever so blessed with her in my life!