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Oxnard the Cat

Parent: GeorgeOf420


Cat People frequently wind up with tonnes of cats not out of choice but because cats wind up coming out of the woodwork, sometimes due to compost heaps outside or mice inside, sometimes because of tempting trash in the garbage cans, and some Dog People have cats too and they can through choice or happenstance come to own many pets but it seems much rarer for stray dogs to wind up at the door or follow one home and this comes with the ethic of course of putting up flyers, but the Cat Person, ah, Cat People frequently don't opt for housefulls of cats, they simply accrue, showing up, being dropped off for adoption, et cetera, and this might say a bit about the Cat Personality, sure, maybe even a certain neuroticism or more, but try not to judge too harshly That Crazy Cat Lady, who leaves the world a hundred cats, just consider that cats have a way of showing up even in multiples in the Cat Person's life, and that is why it is good to know other Cat People, who could Nurture a handful more cats, and equally why it is important to have some idea of the critical mass as it were of How Many Cats, one, maybe two per member of the household, or more than that for the daring and devoted, to assign some ballpark figure of How Many Cats is the limit before locating them to the other aforementioned Cat People.