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Chiquita & BanditUpon marrying her husband, Joe, Jackie Brown was "adopted" by two cats: Bandit, a very large Siamese and Chiquita, a petite black kitty.  Jackie immediately fell in love with these two precious cats, but having never owned a cat before or even really been in contact with any, Jackie had a lot of learning to do.

You see, cats aren't anything like the little poodle that Jackie owned as a child.  They don't play fetch, they don't come when you call their name, they REALLY don't want a tummy rub, and they don't go running to the door when the bell rings.  Living with these two absolutely adorable creatures turned out to be really perplexing, until…

Jackie & BanditUntil, that is, Jackie learned all about cats.  Thanks to her husband (who grew up with cats) and a lot of research, Jackie learned how to be the "purrfect parent."   She learned how to play "cat games," how to rub them in places they love (and avoid the places they don't), and how to accept the fact that they'll only come to you if they feel like it.

Since cats are quickly becoming the most popular house pets (yes, they're beating out dogs), Jackie decided to share her newfound knowledge with other new owners who might be facing the same cat-parenting questions.  She hopes that after reading her book, you'll help promote education about cats (especially the importance of spaying or neutering) and reach out into your community to help your local cat shelter.